Bald Eagle Migrations

Real-time tracking maps courtesy of

This map shows recent data from adult Bald Eagles we have been tracking over the past 1.5 years. The map can be moved and zoomed in. You can also scroll over the calendar at the top to see how the birds have moved over the past month. Right now, the eagles gather 15 GPS locations and map shows the most recent 1,000 locations from each eagle. This map will update itself every day!

We have been placing satellite tracking transmitters on several Bald Eagles over the past several years as part of our lead ammunition and eagles and energy development projects. The data gathered from these transmitters has helped to answer questions specific to those projects, and it has also allowed us to gather data on the migratory pathways of Bald Eagles in western North America. We are continuing to gather location data from several eagles and will update the migration maps on a regular basis.

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bald eagle spring migration 2010 2011
bald eagle fall migration routes 2010