Board of Directors


Derek Craighead, Chairman

Derek Craighead is an ecologist and the founder, president, and executive director of Craighead Beringia South. He spent his undergraduate and graduate years at the University of Montana, receiving both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Wildlife Biology. For more than a decade, Derek worked in Alaska as a supervisor for the Naval Arctic Research Laboratories’ Animal Research facility in Barrow, and also as a regional biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. He returned to Montana to serve as the director of the Wildlife-Wildlands Institute before founding CBS in 1998.
Kelly, WY


Paul Cox

Paul Cox is a resident of Jackson Hole, where he directs the Institute for Ethnomedicine. Paul graduated from Brigham Young University with degrees in Botany and Philosophy, and later obtained an M.S. in Ecology from the University of Wales, and A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in Biology from Harvard University. In addition to his work at the Institute for Ethnomedicine, Paul founded and is chairman of Seacology, an environmental organization that works to preserve rain forest and coral reef. He also serves as a Distinguished Professor at BYU, Hawaii, and has published over 180 scientific papers and three books.
Jackson, WY

Carol Gonnella

Carol Gonnella is the founding partner of the Jackon-based law firm Gonnella Adamson, PC, which assists its clients with estate, tax, and business planning needs. Carol spent her undergraduate years at Seattle University before receiving her J.D. from Seattle University in 1975. She began practicing law the next year, and has since led a successful career spanning more than three decades.
Jackson, WY

Scott Hirschfield

Scott Hirschfield is the Head of School for the Jackson Hole Community School, an independent school in Jackson that he helped to found in 2004. In addition to his leadership role at the Community School, Scott is also responsible for its financial management and teaches Spanish classes. He spent his undergradute years pursuing a B.A. at Middlebury College before attending Stanford University for his M.Ed.
Jackson, WY

Pete Jenny

Pete Jenny is the President and CEO of The Peregrine Fund (TPF), a non-profit dedicated to preventing the extinction of birds of prey. He has been associated with TPF for more than four decades, since 1970, and has spent much of his career there overseeing the Northern Aplomado Falcon Restoration Project, while also focusing on program development.
Boise, ID

Nick Lydon

Nick Lydon is a biochemist who received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Leeds in England, before completing his Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of Dundee in Scotland. He is best known for his groundbreaking work on the leukemia drug Gleevec, which attacks only the molecule that causes a form of Leukemia. He has won many awards for this work including the Lasker DeBakey Award, one of the highest honors in American science. Nick is the founder of the Jackson Hole-based consulting company Granite Biopharma LLC.
Jackson, WY

Roger Scott

Roger Scott has spent the past 20 years with the National Park Service, currently serving the role of Business Management Specialist. In this capacity, Roger travels throughout the intermountain west, helping parks to conduct management reviews, and he also assists with financial and organizational planning. Prior to this work, he spent time with the National Cave Karst Research Institute, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Department of Defense. He graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from Indiana University and has lived in the Jackson Hole valley for ten years.
Jackson, WY

Retired Board Members

Sophie Craighead

Sophie Craighead is an active humanitarian, philanthropist, and civic servant here in Jackson Hole. Her wide-ranging support encompasses animal welfare, human well-being, and environmental conservation, and she serves as an active board-member for organizations devoted to these causes and others. She spent her undergraduate years at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service before receiving a master’s degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.
Kelly, WY

Maurice Hornocker

Maurice Hornocker is a wildlife biologist renowned for his research on the world’s big cats, though he has also done significant work with other North American carnivores including bears, badgers, and wolverines. He has presented his work to the public through a variety of media: photography, documentary film, and the written word. Maurice has published books, popular articles, and more than 100 scientific papers to document his conservation work. He spent many years as a professor at the University of Idaho, and currently serves as the Director of the Selway Institute, a non-profit research and education organization he founded in 2000.
Bellevue, ID

Peter Van Roijen

Peter Van Roijen is a Jackson Hole resident who also spends part of each year in Paris, France. His interests are wide-ranging and include skiing and the study of history.
Wilson, WY

Harry Reynolds

Harry Reynolds is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on brown bears, which he has been studying for more than 45 years. He got an early start, studying grizzlies as a teenager in Yellows tone National Park with John and Frank Craighead, and later continued his focus on bears during a career with Alaska Department of Fish and Game that lasted more than three decades. He is currently involved in CBS’s Gobi Bear research, and formerly served as the president of the International Association for Bear Research and Management.
Fairbanks, AK

Michael & Tana Wall

Michael Wall is a biotechnology and life sciences entrepreneur who has helped to bring many medical advancements to fruition. He is best known as a founder of Alkermes, a biopharmaceutical company. Michael served as Chairman of the Board at Alkermes from 1987-2007, and in his current capacity, he remains a part-time employee and Chairman Emeritus. Michael helped to found a handful of other companies including BIO and Centcor, and is an avid enthusiast of photography and wildlife. Tana Wall is the wife of Michael, a mother of many, and is an equestrian and lover of life.
Jackson, WY