Where Can I Purchase Non-Lead Ammunition?

Unfortunately, many local stores still do not carry affordable non-lead ammo and retail chains make it difficult to identify which ammo has non-lead bullets. Below is a list of bullet types that are non-lead. If you find packed ammunition with one of these bullets, it is non-lead. To make it a little easier, we added direct links to ammunition with each type of bullet from Cabela's.

Non-Lead Bullets

  • any Barnes brand bullets
  • Nosler e-Tip 
  • Hornady GMX
  • Remington Premier Copper Solid
  • Federal Trophy Copper

Cabela's Packed Ammunition

For Jackson Hole Hunters, Non-lead ammunition can be purchased or ordered at the following stores:

Jack Dennis Outdoors
Town Square at 50 East Broadway
(307) 733-3270

Pawn Shop & Sporting Goods
560 West Broadway by the Exxon
(307) 733-5152

Teton Arms
852 West Broadway behind Chinatown
(307) 733-3395

Sportsman's Warehouse
2909 S. 25th E. Idaho Falls, ID 83406
(208) 542-1900