Landscape Ecology Art & Science Initiative

We are excited about our Art and Science Initiative, whose goal is to create large art pieces that represent long-term (10-60 yrs.) nature data sets.  This project highlights how land-use practices in the Jackson Hole valley have influenced and changed the ecosystem. By incorporating far-reaching weather, river flow, animal, and plant data into visual displays, individuals will be drawn by the fusion of art and science to form conclusions about the valley’s ecosystem. Illustrating ecosystem features like migratory patterns, population levels, weather changes and water levels will encourage the general population to understand how their landscape has changed from human impact.  These art objects will be displayed in a variety of venues around the community. The datasets will be paired logically to stimulate the curiosity of the viewer (e.g. estimates of the Jackson Elk Herd, human visitation, and vehicular strikes on wildlife). Enough information will be provided to explain the data but not to interpret it or advocate a position. The intent is to attract attention, and to stimulate the viewer to think about how wildlife, natural resources, human activity and land-use practices are changing over a temporal period not normally considered in our everyday activities.