Published Note in the Western North American Naturalist

CBS's most recent publication came out recently, a note in the journal Western North American Naturalist titled "Apparent adoption of orphaned cougars (Puma concolor) in northwestern Wyoming."

Here's the abstract to the article. Click here for the full read!

Cougars (Puma concolor) are widely distributed throughout the western portion of North America and are generally described as solitary carnivores. Most cougar social interactions have been described as instances of parental care, intraspecific strife, or breeding. We report an apparent case of an adoption of orphaned juveniles in a wild cougar population. We used radiotelemetry and direct visual observations to document an adult female, her 3 dependent offspring, and 2 orphaned juvenile males physically interacting, sharing bed sites, and sharing kills in the late winter of 2007/2008. We consider the potential benefits and/or negative effects of these social interactions, and the role that relatedness and/or familiarity may play in the motivation for developing such associations.