What Hunters Are Saying About Non-lead Ammunition

"Regardless of your opinion about the "lead poisoning issue," non-toxic bullets are here to stay - and for hunters who desire top performance, that's a good thing."
       - Ron Spomer, North American Hunter Magazine

"Thanks for keeping in the forefront of the lead-to-copper conversion for big game hunters. I used Barnes TSX copper this year on my bison hunt - two shots did the job - recovered both bullets, with all four flanges laid back from the tip of each bullet, and otherwise intact. No far-flung fragments, no toxic lead in the meat, no toxic lead in the environment. With copper's better killing prowess and cleaner legacy, there's no going back to lead for me."
       - Len Carlman, Wilson, WY

"Since receiving that box of ammo (non-lead), I have taken two elk on the Refuge, and an additional two elk and one antelope on public lands elsewhere. The stuff works, to say the least."
       - Anonymous Hunter, Jackson, WY

"This is my third year participating in the voluntary non-lead ammunition program and I have not noticed a difference between the non-lead ammunition and the lead ammunition. I plan to continue to keep using non-lead ammo."
       - Anonymous Hunter, Jackson, WY


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