Sage-Grouse Project

The Greater Sage-Grouse is an iconic symbol and an obligate species, relying on the sagebrush habitat that blankets the valley floor of Jackson Hole. The Jackson Hole population is both small and genetically isolated, and will be dependent on careful management if the population is to remain viable. Their biggest threat is loss of habitat, both locally and throughout their western range. For a three-year period, 2007-2009, Sage Grouse were marked and tracked to accomplish the demographic and habitat objectives of the study. The objectives were to improve grouse population parameter estimates through baseline field research, identify important seasonal habitat use patterns, document nest productivity and brood survival. Marked birds allow for estimation of adult survival, causes of mortality, and inter-lek movements. We are continuing this project through several Master’s thesis programs, building on our existing datasets. We are using genetic samples previously collected to determine the genetic uniqueness of the Jackson Hole and Gros Ventre populations. We are also analyzing movement data to create habitat suitability models and identifying source/sink areas for this local population.

Publications and Data

High resolution mapping of hierarchical Greater Sage-grouse nesting habitat: a grain-spectrum approach in Northwestern Wyoming.  2017. Robert (Trapper) T. Haynam III. Master of Science (Systems Ecology) at The University of Montana.

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Photo Gallery

Sage Grouse in the Spotlight: Assignment Earth Feature


  Upper Snake River Sage Grouse Working Group
  Wyoming Department of Game and Fish
  Grand Teton National Park
  National Elk Refuge
  Bridger-Teton National Forest
    (Buffalo and Jackson Districts)
  Jackson Hole Airport
  Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
  Individuals including:
     Joe Bohne, Terry Hershey, Sue Wolff,
     Geneva Chong, Steve Cain, Ray Bishop,
     Eric Cole, and Franz Camenzind