Craighead Beringia South

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Craighead Beringia South (CBS) is a non-profit science and education institute established in 1998 by Derek Craighead.

CBS is dedicated to promoting a balanced approach to conservation, management, and educational programs by pursuing long-term innovative wildlife investigations.

Our office is located in Kelly, Wyoming, situated on the north bank of the Gros Ventre river, ten miles from its confluence with the Snake River.  It is sandwiched between the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park, and lies at the geographical hub of the Jackson Hole valley in the southern half of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. As a non-profit (501[c]3), Craighead Beringia South is supported by grants, donations and partnerships. Our unique research approach affords flexibility, continuity, and a creative intellectual environment.

Craighead Beringia South collaborates with a variety of entities. Below are a few of the organizations that help us with all of our great work.

  • Bridger-Teton National Forest
  • The Bureau of Land Management
  • Grand Teton National Park
  • The National Elk Refuge
  • National Science Foundation
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Wyoming Game and Fish
  • Many landowners who have graciously granted us land access

We are very thankful for our past contributors and current supporters. Your donations help to contribute new knowledge towards the management and conservation of our natural resources. Please consider a tax-deductible gift today.