Non-Lead Ammo Program

Wyoming Non-Lead Ammo Program

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Eight years of monitoring the blood levels of Jackson Holeā€™s ravens and bald eagles has revealed a link between the hunting season and lead bullet fragments to harmful blood lead levels in these birds. By educating hunters, and supplying them with non-lead ammunition, we found that a decreased use of lead ammunition corresponded with a decrease in blood lead levels in eagles during the 2009 and 2010 hunting seasons. Following the publication of these results, we discontinued monitoring blood lead levels in birds.  Grand Teton National Park banned the use of lead ammunition for elk hunting in the park, and we began monitoring ravens again in 2013 to determine the success of this non-lead program. It is our hope that individuals will voluntarily choose to use non-lead ammunition locally and nationally.

The Wyoming Game & Fish DepartmentBridger-Teton National Forest, and the National Elk Refuge are encouraging hunters to voluntarily use non-lead ammunition and, in 2015, approximately 70% of all successful elk hunters on the National Elk Refuge reported using non-lead ammunition. The voluntary use of non-lead ammunition allows hunters a unique opportunity to maintain support for hunting programs by demonstrating a commitment to safe, quality hunting practices that will benefit the long-term conservation of wildlife. Click here to read more about our lead and wildlife study.

Removing Lead from Wildlife and Wildlands

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