Video Gallery

Craighead Beringia South has produced its own videos and also collaborated with others to expand the reach of our work. You'll find short films below about some of our avian and mammal research projects.

Collaboration with Assignment Earth:
Lead Bullets

1% for the Tetons:
Removing Lead from Wildlife and Wildlands

CBS Research shows how fragments of lead rifle bullets are poisoning eagles, bears, and other wildlife that scavenge carcasses left by hunters. Visit our Non-Lead Ammo Program page to learn more about what you can do, and to see some of our research on this topic, click here.

Using copper bullets to hunt big game begins the process of trying to eliminate bullet-related lead poisoning of the region's carnivores, raptors and, potentially, hunters and their families.

Collaboration with Assignment Earth:
Sage Grouse in the Spotlight

Collaboration with Assignment Earth:
Cougars Compete to Survive

The Sage Grouse is a candidate for designation as a threatened or endangered species. As the Department of the Interior considers the bird's fate, several research projects are underway across the west to study its behavior, movements, and nesting patterns.

CBS Video:
Golden Eagle Trapping and Tagging

Much of our work with large raptors requires us to safely trap and tag them. While out in Montana trapping eagles for one of our research projects, we made this video to demonstrate our methods.


In the Yellowstone region, mountain lions face increasing threats from bears, wolves, and people.


1% For the Tetons:
Science in the Classroom

Science in the classroom - Craighead Beringia South - filmmaker: WRKSHRT Digital (Dave Cleeland, Wade Dunstan, Chris Kirkpatrick, Kyle Haynam)